2023 WVMEA In-Service Conference

March 2-4, 2023 • Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center and Clay Center

Tentative Conference Session Schedule


11:00 AM Andre Januario Emerging Leaders
11:10 AM Kevin Mead Establishing Readiness Through Context and Creation
11:10 AM Keith Jackson Leadership Symposium:  An open discussion for those thinking about positions in leadership
11:10 AM Walter Hojka Improving Beginning Intonation Through an Engaging Sequence of Easy Songs
12:15 PM Nellie Hill Using Drums and Small Percussion to Create Community in the Classroom
12:15 PM Ær Queen Just Gender:  Pathways to Inclusivity in Elementary Schools
12:15 PM Jacob Womack Teaching Piano in Groups
12:15 PM Jim Allder Making the Most of Your Marching Fundamentals - Tips and Tricks to Save Time While Increasing Effectiveness
1:20 PM Kevin Mead Finale 27 For Your Classroom Needs
1:20 PM Jeff Wolfe No Big Band?  No Problem!  Building Your Jazz Program Through the Jazz Combo
1:20 PM Erin Ellis Thumb Position Basics
1:20 PM Will Cosby Process Before Product
1:20 PM Sarah Hann Children's Literature in the Elementary Music Classroom
3:45 PM Kaitlyn Schramm Choral Reading Session (ECS Publishing)
3:45 PM Taylor Giorgio Strings Attached:  Creating Community Engagement Through Entrepreneurship 
3:45 PM Jason Gossett De-Mystifying Marching Band Design
3:45 PM Andrea Diggs Teacher Toolkit Reset for a Neurodiverse-Friendly Classroom
3:45 PM Eli Lambie Jazz and Improvisation for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students
4:50 PM Nathan Rihn My Favorite Orchestra
4:50 PM Paschal Younge African Children's Games:  Musicality and Creativity in their Natural State
4:50 PM Nathan Rihn My Favorite Orchestra
4:50 PM Ryan Kerwin My Brass is Already Chopped Out:  Metaphors and Strategies for Fostering Brass Students

9:00 AM Kevin Mead Empowering Your Students with SmartMusic
9:00 AM Andi Hasley Where are all the volunteers?  Meeting families where they are
9:00 AM Taylor Georgio Creativity and Assessment Through Technology in the Orchestra Classroom
9:00 AM Kaitlyn Schramm Decentering the Canon and Recentering the Margins:  Choral Music Traditions Beyone WEAM
9:00 AM Janet Robbins Play, Sing, and Dance Ciranda:  Connecting Music and Culture
10:05 AM Kevin Mead SmartMusic Tips Every Teacher Needs to Know
10:05 AM Robert Palmer Coming Back to Directing:  Rediscovering your passion in being a conductor
10:05 AM Ær Queen Just Gender:  Creating and Implementing Affirming Spaces at All Levels
10:05 AM Jim Allder Students in Service:  Developing Student Leadership as a Cornerstone for your Program
10:05 AM Douglas McCall I know I taught it, but HOW do I know you learned it?
11:10 AM Deborah Confredo Share the Passion.  Be the Music
12:45 PM Jeremiah Smallridge High School Choral Music Share
12:45 PM Eli Lambie Carnival of the Animals - Stories in Motion for Young Elementary Students
12:45 PM Andrea Diggs The Shifting Centers of the Neurodiverse Universe
12:45 PM Alvin Simpson My Beginners Are Supposed to Perform When?!
1:50 PM Lesley Dennis The Art of Actively Assessing
1:50 PM Taylor Georgio Using Private Teaching Practice Strategies in the Orchestra Classroom
1:50 PM Cynthia Anderson Demystifying the Double Reeds for School Music Teachers
1:50 PM James Robinson The Role of Fine Arts in Student Mental Health
1:50 PM Robert Sears Jazz Improvisation:  Approaching the Blues
2:55 PM Deborah Confredo Patterns and Groups and Chunking, Oh My!  Cracking the Score Code
2:55 PM Jeffrey Lipscomb Mentoring the Young Composer
2:55 PM Christine Gossett So You Think You Can Dance?
2:55 PM Angela Munroe Building Resilience in a General Music Classroom
4:00 PM Briana Nannen Gender Advocacy in the Choral Classroom
4:00 PM Robert Vannoy Singing with Joy:  My Favorite Kodaily Inspired Teaching Ideas
4:00 PM Paschal Younge Performing West African Music with Choirs
2023 77th Annual WVMEA In-Service Conference March 02, 2023 08:00 am EST 27 Days 22 22 Hrs. 6 0 Mins.