Professional Development Courses



WVU will be offering a three (3) credit hour Professional Development Class for attending the 2020 WVMEA Conference, March 5 - 7, 2020 in Charleston, WV and writing a two page reflective paper.

The course is Pass/Fall.  This course does not count towards any degrees at WVU, but can be used for renewal of teaching license and for salary upgrades.
Participants can pre-register by completing the registration form which can be mailed or faxed to the address provided on the form.
Participants can also register during the conference.   Forms will be available at the registration booth throughout the conference.  Forms can be returned to Renee Wyatt at the registration booth on Thursday or Friday of the conference. Please remember to include your $20.00 WVMEA fee for hosting the class when completing your conference registration form.
WVMEA Professional Development Credit - 2020 WVMEA Conference

In order to be eligible to enroll, teachers must have obtained a BA/BS from an accredited institution.  They will need to complete the application below and all fields must be entered.  The registration form should be received in our office by the first day of the course.

Directions for Registering with WVU:

Professional Development (Graduate) courses

*Please note: Courses are graded Pass/Fail. These courses do not count towards any degrees at WVU.*

Download a professional development application/registration form at: 

The form can be faxed to 304-293-4899; or
mailed to WVU Online, PO Box 6800, Morgantown, WV 26506.

Forms will also be available at the registration table during the conference. Contact Renee or 304-669-7988.

Add the course information provided regarding class:
CRN: 15014
Subject: MUSC
Course #: 930
Section #: 6AA
Credit Hours: 3
Title: PRDV: WVMEA Conference 2020
Cost:  $219
Payments will now be made online, please do not submit payment with your form!
Upon receipt of the application, we will process the admission and register the students.  The university will then email the student directions for accessing their account and making payment online. 

The cost per credit hour is $73 or the cost for a three-credit hour course is $219.  A student cannot request a transcript until their account is paid in full.